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Restrictive covenant

What is Restricted covenant Insurance?

Restrictive covenants are often imposed by a seller on land being sold to prevent the buyer from using it in a way which the seller feels could cause harm to land which the seller has retained.

Such restrictions might prevent the buyer and any future owner’s full enjoyment of the land.

Restrictive convenant insurance can provide a whole or partial solution to known and unknown restrictive covenant issues arising under contract.

Why should I buy this Insurance?

Insurance offers a solution for restrictive covenant risks where there are no other options.

Example of restrictive covenants:

  • Unauthorised buildings or extensions to properties

  • Breach of covenant by an unauthorised use

  • Unknown covenants

Our restrictive covenent insurance

  •  Any damages or compensation awarded to the claimant
  •   The cost of demolishing or altering the property
  •   The loss in value between the market value at the time any successful enforcement of the covenant takes place and the current open market
  •   Bespoke policies available
  •   Cover can be provided for the owner, future owners or any mortgagee or occupier


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