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Defective title

What is defective title insurance?  

Defective title insurance is used where a title is considered to be defective and there is a potential for a third party to establish or attempt to establish an estate right title or interest which is adverse to, or in derogation of, the property owner’s title to the property.

A defective title can lead to the property owner being liable for compensation or damages and can result in the prevention or curtailment of a development, it can even result in the property owner being forced to relinquish title to part or all of the property.

Defective title insurance can provide security to the lenders providing any finance and in turn the purchase process should not be delayed.

Why should I buy defective title insurance?

Defective title problems could make the sale of a property difficult, as the buyer and the lender do not have any legal protection against any financial loss that could result from the dispute.

A defective title could leave the property owner liable to claims or disputes that create a liability on the property and could restrict the use of the property or cause a financial loss.

Defective title insurance provides cover in perpetuity and as such can usually benefit successive owners of the property and their lenders.

Our defective title insurance

  •   Damages or compensation awarded against the insured by the Courts
  •   Cost of altering, demolishing and/or reinstating all or any part of the property including any part of any building or other construction on or forming part of the property
  •   Reduction in market value
  •   Abortive costs of works
  •   Costs of settlement
  •   Defence costs
  •   Costs and expenses incurred with the insurer’s consent


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