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Missing Beneficiary

What is missing beneficiary insurance?  

Missing Beneficiary Insurance provides indemnity cover to executors, administrators and personal representatives of the estate so the estate has been distributed.

This can be used when it is not possible to identify the whereabouts of a beneficiary or where there remains a possibility that other currently unknown but legally entitled beneficiaries may exist.

Why should I buy missing beneficiary insurance?

A missing beneficiary could come forward and make a claim many years after an estate has been finalised.

The Insurance protects personal representatives/executors of the estate from personal liability for claims arising out of the distribution of the estate without having provided for the missing beneficiary’s share and allows the estate to be wound up and distributed without having to leave the missing beneficiary’s entitlement in a bank account.

Our missing beneficiary insurance

  •   One off premium
  •   A rated Insurer
  •   Costs incurred with the consent of the Insurer in defending any action brought by the claimant against the personal representative
  •   Any other costs and expenses incurred with the prior consent of the Insurer
  •   Plain English wording
  •   Claims Helpline
  •   Legal advice line


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