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What is Environmental Insurance?

Environmental liability insurance covers complex and expensive liabilities resulting from pollution incidents, including accidents, human error and equipment malfunctions.  Cover can be extended to include public and products liability.

The majority of incidents involve small, long-term events rather than major incidents, which is why it is important to keep your environmental liability insurance in place.

Environmental insurance can provide much needed financial security and stability to companies and protect them from the many un-insured environmental liabilities they may face. In addition new environmental legislation increases the range of risks and responsibilities for companies.

Why should I buy this Insurance?

Environmental insurance can be used to unlock problems during company mergers and acquisitions, provide protection from the liabilities associated with historical land contamination and can be used to protect today’s industry and commerce from the environmental risks arising from their operational activities.

Why our environmental insurance

There are two main policy types

Environmental site liability

  • Protects companies from the uncertainty of potential environmental liabilities associated with owning or operating facilities

Contractor’s pollution liability

  • Protects a wide range of pollution risks associated with construction projects

The policy protects against liabilities for property damage, bodily injury and remediation costs from past and future pollution incidents arising from site or site based actions.

In addition there are no temporal qualifications to the cover so it is provided for sudden, accidental and gradual pollution incidents.


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