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Directors and officers insurance

What is Directors and Officers Insurance?

This is a policy designed to protect directors and officers of a company, or organization(s) for losses or advancement of defense costs in the event of legal action brought for alleged wrongful acts in their capacity as directors and officers of the company.

Directors and Officers Insurance is specifically designed for private companies, limited liability companies and Not for Profit entities. This is a bespoke insurance designed to meet the ever reaching responsibilities and legal exposures faced by Directors and Officers in today's corporate environment.

Why should I buy this Insurance?

Without the cover the Directors of the company could face legal action both civil and criminal from the actions of the company and they would have to fund any defence of claims brought by shareholders, employees or Goverment bodies. 

In one case a driver fell asleep whilst driving and two motorists were killed. The directors incurred substantial defence costs before being convicted of corporate manslaughter.

Why our directors and officers insurance

  •  Wide definition of insured parties 
  •   Advancement of defence costs
  •   Automatic reinstatement of the limit for non-executive directors
  •   Investigation costs
  •   Employment practice claims 
  •   Automatic cover for new acquisitions
  •   Prior acts cover for individuals who cease to hold a position within the company 
  •  Bi-lateral discovery period options


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