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Trustee indemnity

What is trustee indemnity?  

Trustee insurance covers the personal trustee liability and liability of officers, employees or voluntary workers arising from errors or omissions they make in the management and administration of the organisation.  A range of limits of indemnity are available upwards of £250,000 in any one period of insurance.

For the charity to meet any losses and legal costs, we offer Trustee Indemnity Insurance (also known as Trustee and Management Liability) cover. This protects the trustee and charity as a whole against liability arising from a wrongful act by a trustee.

Why should I buy trustee indemnity?

As an individual trustee, you could face personal liability for any breach and that liability could even occur many years after you have left the organisation.

As a charity, the policy covers the personal liability that your trustees, officers, employees or voluntary workers face from errors they might make in their internal management and administration duties.

Our trustee indemnity

  •   LFC has arranged policies to protect individuals as well as the charity
  •   The insurance is underwritten with leading A rated Insurers
  •   Personal liability of trustees, officers, employees or voluntary workers
  •   Legal liability resulting from the loss or damage of charity-related documents


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