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Why should the charity buy travel insurance?  

With the increase in charity events in the UK and overseas, charities need to ensure that any fundraiser has appropriate insurance. This can prevent an event which is designed to raise income becoming a major expense for the charity.

In the unfortunate event that a volunteer raising funds for the charity is taken ill overseas and has no insurance, the trustees of the charity may be responsible for meeting medical expenses.

The average cost of claims is increasing and claims in excess of £15,000 are quite common in European countries. This policy is designed to protect the charity and the fundraiser.

Why should I buy charity travel insurance?

According to the foreign office, 24% of travellers in 2012 were uninsured but in the age bracket 15 to 29 that figure increased to 48%.

Travellers assume that in the event of a problem if they have an EHIC card the government will pay for repatriation; unfortunately that is not the case. The card does not cover repatriation, costs, which is why travel insurance is necessary.

In the event of a fundraiser being taken ill or injured overseas a charity may deem that paying their medical expenses, including repatriation is necessary.  

Our charity travel insurance

  •   Designed to protect people suffering from a pre-existing medical condition
  •   Peace of mind that they are talking to UK based help line staffed mainly by ex nurses.
  •   Cancellation - £5,000
  •   Curtailment - £5,000
  •   Missed departure - £1,000
  •   Travel delay - £500 - £5,000
  •   Personal accident - £20,000


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