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Household insurance

What is household insurance?  

Estate executors have a legal duty to ensure that the beneficiaries receive the income that would be due after the sale of the property. 
Often it can be difficult to find out whether a property has been insured and, even if it is insured, the majority of insurers do not insure unoccupied properties rendering many existing policies worthless. Executors have a duty to maintain insurance on any asset until the estate has been closed and could be liable for any reduction in the value of the estate if they fail to do so. 

Similarly, any charity that is due to receive income resulting from a legacy which involves the sale of property could lose their income if there is no household insurance and could also expose the charity to criticism that they have not protected the charities assets adequately.

LFC’s household policy is designed to protect the property and its contents while the executor finalizes the estate and can also be arranged by the charity during that period on a contingent basis.

Why should I buy household insurance?

The Executor has a duty to make sure that the assets and liabilities of the estate are insured, the failure to do could leave the executor facing claims from any beneficiary who feels that they have not received the correct payment from the estate due to an error of the executor.

As the premium can be deducted from the estate it would seem that the executor has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Our household insurance

  •   Insured with Lloyds of London
  •   Fire, Lightning, Explosion or Earthquake
  •   Aircraft and other flying devices
  •   Storm, flood, weight of snow
  •   Theft or attempted theft when the loss or damage follows a violent and forcible entry or exit
  •   Escape of oil from fixed domestic oil-fired heating installations


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