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Prize indemnity insurance

What is prize indemnity insurance?  

Prize indemnity insurance allows companies and Not for Profit organisations of all sizes to offer high value prizes for the fixed price of an insurance premium, usually a fraction of the prize cost.  Prize competitions can be based on skill, chance or response rates.

Why should I buy prize indemnity insurance?

Prize indemnity insurance helps hundreds of charities each year to generate thousands of pounds in income by offering exciting fundraising contests with high value prizes.

For a small premium, often paid by the competition sponsor, we insure you against the risk that the valuable prize will be won, and if it is we pay for it.

Our prize indemnity insurance

LFC has been advising business for over 40 years specialising in niche market products.  The board is made up of directors with extensive experience in insurance and risk management, designing solutions for a number of sectors inclusing associations and not for profits.  In fact, one of the directors was heavily involved in the first TV lottery that offered a million pound prize.   


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