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Legacy funding

What is legacy funding?  

Income from legacies is vital to the UK not for profit sector, in recent years accounting in real terms for between £1.7 billion and £2.1 billion of received funds.

The problem for the sector however is that although they may know that the money is due and an estimated amount, they don’t know when they will receive the funds as the process of finalising estates is often protracted and the period between notification and legacy received can take many months.

LFC, in partnership with some major UK and European Banks & Financial Institutions, has come up with a solution – a solution which could release some of those funds with 21 days.

Do we need funding?

In these difficult times even large charities have to make tough decisions about planned projects and initiatives.  If the charity does not have the funds, it cannot continue to support the cause and its planned investment programmes.

Where it is known that income is due from a charitable bequest, LFC is prepared to advance funds upon confirmation that the organisation will, in due course, receive this income, subject to an assessment of the organisation and the terms of the bequest.

LFC can normally provide finance of up to 70% of the legacy amount, the amount to be repaid at a later date when the legacy funds are received.

This funding could provide a lifeline to many organisations that are facing cash flow crises, and release the funds that they are entitled to.


Our legacy funding

  •  UK and European banks 
  •   Funds normally available within 21 days (subject to assessment)
  •   Up to 70% of the legacy in the will 


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