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Confidential insurance audits

What is a confidential insurance audit?  

With all of the demands of operating in business, insurance can often be neglected despite it being important to regularly review policies and cover to ensure that the company and its employees are adequately protected against future claims.

It is essential that every company has an insurance program that is tailor made to meet its needs, complies with UK legislation, and includes the requirements of any third party that has an investment in the company or contractual relationship with the company.

Insurance brokers and Insurance Companies are just like any other commercial organisation. Unless you are aware of market conditions and pricing levels, they may not inform you of any cost saving opportunities, as to do so could reduce their own profitability.

A confidential insurance audit will identify whether your company has adequate protection and potential unlock insurance premium savings. 

Why should I carry out an audit?

LFC offers a confidential insurance audit service acting at all times on your behalf.

The information required for the reviews will change in line with the level of review required.  The basic desk top review looks at the existing arrangements, claims experience and premium levels.  In addition,some clients require us to review banking agreements, loan arrangements, shareholder agreements and any contracts that they have entered into with any third party.

Our audit report can then be used as a management tool to discuss the level of cover and costs with your existing advisers.  The report will highlight areas where other insurances need to be considered by the Directors, comment on the premium level and identify levels of savings or areas of concern about the levels of cover.


  •  The LFC team are specialists in these areas and have a dedicated team providing reviews throughout the UK
  •   We are Insurance Managers as well as Insurance Brokers
  •   Our team includes Insurance Managers from all sectors of the industry
  •   LFC's Directors have been advising business for over 40 years and have extensive experience of designing insurance and risk management solutions
  •   LFC's board includes senior insurance and finance professionals for the London and Overseas markets


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